put strategy into your website

Websites now need to perform to attract, educate, and influence visitors. The Internet is active and social.


Consider integrating search, design, content andĀ conversion opportunities with your websites.

Here’s a good article with what to have going with your website from manage inbound You can benefit fromĀ an online strategy. Put that strategy into your website.



online marketing starts with a blog

For people to know about your business, you must tell them.

Online searching makes the process easier for potential customers to find you. Once you have a good setup you can start to market your business. Start with a blog on your website and a Twitter account. Blogs give you the ability to update regularly.


Search engines were developed to find the most relevant content about a particular search phrase. Blogs continually feed the search engines new and relevant content.


Delivering quality content to the search engines rewards the blog owners.

Your online presence is open 24/7.

To get started:

  • Make a presence on Social Media
  • Use the right geographic keywords
  • Target your local area
  • Sign up on local review websites

Start marketing online to beat your competitors to the punch. Once you are engaged in online marketing, you can expand your market. By providing a stream of positive information about your business via your blog, you’ll be in charge of the “buzz”.

You’ll benefit from online marketing. You’ll notice a huge difference in your own traffic and sales. Marketing online creates new and innovative marketing techniques.


7 website success factors

I received an email from The Sales Lion about business websites. It certainly started my wheels turning. I’ll share these thoughts. Are you proposing to completely redo what you have? Have you found that your digital marketing efforts have fallen short of your expectations?

Getting past “web design” is a hurdle we must come to and conquer for us to think of the customer experience.

Create a powerful experience for your visitors. Create an inbound marketing culture. You may be in a situation where the old ways of advertising aren’t working.

You must concentrate on building a network, a community for your product awareness. This takes effort and is much needed in today’s marketing environment.

To create a new culture, this must be done from both the inside and the outside. You’ll have to create a new culture within your own organization. This new culture starts within. Within your organization. This will be challenging, but you can do it.

Let’s start by introducing 7 website factors that The Sales Lion touched on. This is a good place to begin your new culture that will bring you success.

  1. Keep in mind your customers wish to find what they are looking for quickly.
  2. The purpose of the home page is to get your visitors to page 2.
  3. Use text less, not more. This is an area that is ignored. Too much text on a home page can be overwhelming to visitors.
  4. Tell stories about your organization’s success at solving problems.
  5. Use sound SEO principles.
  6. Use the right design for your product pages. Remember with text, less is more.
  7. The site messaging is bad due to poor copywriting. Focus on customer-speak.

Start by implementing these factors into your content plan. If you don’t have a plan, create one with these factors at the focal point of your mission.

If you need assistance please contact me and we will discuss your needs and objectives.