blog your way out

Blog for reflection, thought leadership, and sales. Blogging ties interests and objectives together.

Our blog content should be full of personality. The passion of the industry your in comes to the forefront. This showcases you to those who have an interest too, Your voice in the conversation is heard. This moves you and your product forward.

everyone_has_a_storyYou might feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. We all have that feeling – and that’s okay. Just don’t project the feeling of boredom.

Think of this: we aren’t bored, just in a daily routine. Others might wish to have our routine. Think of that too.


recycle content

We’ve created content. Great. Fast forward and a piece of content is highly relevant today. Then reuse that piece of content.


Here’s a couple of ideas:

  • Create a podcast from previous posts.
  • Make a video with previous content.

By recycling content, we make it useful again. Make previous content useful again by recycling it. Your content could reach more people.

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the blog is versatile

Consumers are relying on search engines to find the products and services they need, businesses need a way to make themselves discoverable online.

Blogs: the ideal way for brands to build up a good keyword density on their websites. This aids potential customers in their search.


A well-written blog contains lots of good research and other insightful industry news. Don’t struggle to get found online. Sharing industry news shows what you’re talking about.  Blogs gained the online reputation of being the go-to place for all the latest and most reliable industry news and insights.

Use your blog to deliver useful tips, provide advice, answer customer questions, offer opinions, conduct interviews, and provide the details of the benefits of your products or services.

Think about your blog as a valuable customer resource.

Blogs play a crucial part at each of the three stages of the buyer’s journey: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage.

During the awareness stage, your blog helps prospects become aware that they have a problem that needs solving. During the consideration stage,  prospects discover your product, service or solution – but will discover your competition. At the decision stage, prospects will decide to make a purchase – and so once again, your blog will become a hugely valuable resource for the prospect.

Blogs are essential to deliver valuable content. Blogs deliver communication.



words build the relationship

Words engage. Words bridge the gap to experience. Words change relationships.


Words highlight a brand’s character and differentiate it from other brands. Consider that the words you’ll be writing are actually a conversation with the customer. Develop a relationship between the user and the product.


4 items for blog relevancy

You write your blog for your audience.

Choose a blog topic for your audience. If you like a particular topic, become part of your audience. Know which readers you want to attract. Your engagement is based on how well you know your readers.


Focus on the interests your readers have.

Find relevancy. Here’s the four items that help make your blog relevant:

  • Your niche
  • Objectives
  • Present time
  • Problem-solving

Read. Study. Learn all you can about your specific topic. 

Source for this post: How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Blog, May 11, 2016 blog.the

target to build

Social Media often plays a role in the content marketing act.

play_on_stageSocial Media is a distribution channel.

The power of Social Media lives in offering a distribution channel that everyone can use. Social media wants content. Instagram wants pictures. Facebook likes links, YouTube wants videos. Twitter has tweets.

Social media has a filter for uninteresting content. Bad content is ignored. To get results from social media learn what your audience likes and what it likes to share. Target your content to get attention while building your social audience. Provide content for your audience.

socialmedia_signsWhen you get content marketing right, you’ll be rewarded with an audience that engages with and promotes your content.

blogs are the backbone

Blogs form the backbone of a content marketer’s toolkit.


Every blog post has three sections, which are the introduction, the body and a conclusion.

Every single blog post that you write should be written for your ideal target audience.Keep in mind that it’s all about your target audience. Focus on their needs and not your own. That’s how you’ll write much more engaging blog content.

While you’re writing for your audience you need to remember to write how you talk.