influencer reach out

Finding influencers is important.

Take time to observe how truly good influencers are at influencing. Assume any consumer is an influencer. Keep an eye on who your audience likes to follow. Keep track of this information. Slowly engage with them.


Ask what your motive is for reaching out to any influencer. Know if you want more visibility, credibility, or make more sales before contacting them. This lets you frame your message accordingly.

Share more content.


discover the supercharged reason

People share content for various reasons. People share to market products and to be helpful. Ideas are shared too.

Businesses generally share content to bring value to the target audience.

There needs to be a “supercharged reason” why people share your content.

They care if the idea is important.

Research to know your audience. Understand what will entice your audience. Audiences have triggers. Learn about these triggers. See what your audience shared in the past.

Once you’ve your research, study your findings to create content that’s shareable.

envision winning

Successful people tend to find new and different techniques to unlock their real potential.

This usually involves taking on elements of risk, managing fear and channeling that energy into strength. We have the cognitive ability to mold the outcome of our journey.

Taking time to envision what winning looks like gives us a place to start.

Design beliefs that need to be held and actions that need to be taken. Why? To meet or exceed our goals. Analyze the results we are currently getting and compare those to the results we wish to have.

Great leaders and successful people are rarely satisfied with their performance. Envisioning the various “wins” we wish to achieve aids us in understanding the mindset, tools, knowledge, and beliefs we need to equip ourselves with.

Practice strength and positivity.