our calling

Two things are needed to reach the finish line.


The first thing is to connect with your calling. Our calling is whom we’re meant to serve. What we stand for and stand against.

Once we understand our calling, we’ll gain power and a place of purpose.

The second thing is perseverance. Most people quit too soon. Act with conviction. Have a willingness to keep going.

Discovering our calling is a great foundation.

It’s soul-searching work. Serve people with unique perspective. Be diligent in uncovering your calling.

This is the difference between success and failure.




consider social channels for you

Social channels are an important part of communicating your personal brand.

They’re connection points for your audience. They give people an insight toward your activity and accomplishments. Social channels are used to promote your content and engage your audience.

Develop a content and branding strategy.

This defines you’ll use to communicate your brand. Choose the channels where your audience is most likely to be found and build on those.


get in on the conversation

No one cares about your product now because it doesn’t exist. When it does, they still won’t care.

A good product isn’t good enough.

Our job isn’t to make customers care. If we choose the right customers, they already do care. We have to get in front of them in a trusted way and tell our story.

We have to do this without customers getting out of their routine. What they’ll do today, they’ll do tomorrow. Our job is to infiltrate it.

When, where, and why do conversations between our perfect customers occur? How can we join the conversation? How can we influence it?

Products spread through the conversation. How can we align a feature of our products that people will talk about during their routine? What’s the trigger for them to bring our product into the conversation? How can we arm them with a story?

We need triggers that are natural and encourage growth. We need to know where the conversation begins and how to get in on it.