Ask this simple question, “Why content marketing?”

Because interruptive advertising doesn’t work. Creating content people actually choose to read, watch, and interact with is extremely popular. It’s attractive for brands. The move to content marketing is fast because brand awareness is so important.

Content marketing is especially flexible for Social Media.

Brands that do not have compelling content to share struggle on Social Media. TrackMaven released a study about brand failure with Social Media impact. This, frankly, has to change if brands are to be successful with Social Media.

High-quality content marketing positively reverberates through every aspect of a brand’s marketing. The impact of content marketing goes beyond the numbers.

Culture of Content

Internal and external success benchmarks are improved when companies evangelize, reinforce, and institutionalize the importance of content throughout the organization. The content becomes part of sales, employee advocacy, customer service, audience engagement, thought leadership, and hiring.

The culture runs like a well-oiled machine.

Content should not be created for content’s sake. Documented goals and a clear-cut strategy need to be formulated for content marketing to work. Create the roadmap to guide you forward. Plan how you will take the data-driven approach that will drive your brand’s message to your targeted audience.

Business Goals

What business goals do you want to achieve? Content marketing is easier to measure. There are marketing automation tools that have made measuring your marketing efforts easier.

Building brand awareness requires several resources. Build a brand awareness score. Keep track of readers, return readers, shares, and engaged time. Using content marketing automation in conjunction with efforts between marketing and sales allows you to attribute each piece of content to a given sale. Content marketing will generate sales when you establish customer loyalty. Good content keeps customer relations strong.

Identify your goals to set your content marketing creation.

Publish high-quality content and act like a media company. You may wish to hire people that have a media background. They’ll have a basic understanding of translating the brand’s content into relatable, presentable messages that your customers will understand.

You may need to hire freelance talent to start a consistent publishing program. Producing better content on a regular basis is key, so make it a priority.

The Content Marketing Template

Structure a newsroom. You may wish to establish content partners. These partners will give you plenty of ideas. It’s your job to take those ideas and sculpt content fashioned to your needs.

An editorial calendar is handy for managing your partners and the content they give you. It also allows you to manage your content’s distribution. Build your organic distribution channels.

Social Media, email, and search are the channels to concentrate on. Key content metrics will guide your content creation, engage your audience, provide feedback for customer loyalty, and extend your reach.

Put yourself on the “ground floor”.

Set yourself on solid ground. Chart the course you wish to take for brand awareness. Remember, you’re evangelizing your business. Social Media is the main  channel and your messages are the content. Optimize accordingly.








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