social media is

Social media is listening. It’s about networking. It’s about community building. It’s about personal branding. It’s about gaining market knowledge and insights.

It’s not just about sales and marketing.

Social media offers a real competitive advantage. The advantage of being a leader that is tuned into the digital conversation.

Social networks are an integral part of our lives. Keep up with current social trends and developments. Scan the horizons.




Establish a strong presence by carefully selecting your main topics.Be present with your tone of voice. This helps to build a community around your social channels.

Create what you want your channels to achieve. Possess a mission for each social channel. Have an editorial strategy for each channel. Give your followers value.

Value can be entertainment and information.

Blog about items that are related to your product or service. This gives value.

Read about value and engagement on SwordFlameMedia


foster purpose

I came acros a story on Medium by Kimber Lockhart addressing the importance of purpose.

Urgency creates panic and confusion. Urgency crowds our space. Our creative space is extremely important.

We become our own worst enemy without purpose. Urgency crowds out purpose. Be careful.

A sense of purpose motivates us. Purpose keeps us going toward our mission. Embrace purpose.

Link to Kimber Lockhart’s story:

Don’t create a sense of urgency, foster a sense of purpose.


marketing is

The goals of “marketing” range from creating better brand recognition to creating interest for products and services within a target group. The goals of marketing are long-term.

Creating a positive brand image is also a marketing goal. Marketing results are difficult to measure because of the longer time frame. Brand recognition is an utmost priority of marketing efforts.

The right marketing helps sales make the first contact to interested parties.